About Us

PerYourHealth helps you pay for your health safely and much faster through online billing. If you are not familiar with the PerYourHealth online payment portal and need more information, this article will help.

When you visit the home page, you can log in to your online health account. It will be required to enter your username or account number to log in to your account. Enter the account number and click “Next”.

You have access to your control panel. Remember that you can view your account number on the patient statement you received when you entered the hospital. The user ID is the ID you created when registering for the online service.

About PerYourHealth

PerYourHealth is an impetus for value-based healthcare. We are a leading healthcare technology firm that provides software, analysis, network solutions, and technological services to create a stronger, more efficient and more collaborative health system. We help offer measurable value, not only in medical care but also before, later, and during health services.

Corporate History

Until August 2005, Emdeon operated as WebMD Corporation (NASDAQ: HLTH). The label was modified to Emdeon in order to avoid confusion with the former WebMD subsidiary, which was established in September 2005 under the symbol of WBMD.

In September 2013, Emdeon was honored as a vital part of the InformationWeek 500 of 2013, a list of the best technological innovators in the United States.

It was November 9, 2015, when the company and its subsidiaries were officially renamed to PerYourHealth.

It was known that PerYourHealth hired underwriters and investment banks for the 2018-19 initial public offering.

PerYourHealth offers a simple and convenient service to pay bills in many ways. Most of them use online banking, credit cards or even debit cards.

Other benefits:

  • The PerYourHealth web portal service is accessible to everyone and is available at any time, every day.
  • Users do not pay and there are no secret costs since it is completely guaranteed and reliable.
  • The site is fully protected and guarantees your privacy and security.
  • Users can easily view their account details and request details
  • Users can switch to the account option provided there to see all outstanding and paid bills and make the corresponding payments.
  • Users can also use other services, such as redeem points, to redeem the rewards they wish to access the offers page.
  • Users can also view all payments due on their account and pay directly to cancel these costs.
  • Users receive a confirmation message after each payment or transaction.

Users also have the advantage of being able to make payments by contacting them. Customer service is available every time. It makes the entire service provided by PerYourHealth smoother, and user-friendly to a great extent.